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    TimeWise™ - 3D Wall Clock


    "Absolutely the perfect compliment to a wall in my living room. I love that you can adjust the sizing to fit the area that you needed to and it still turns out great. Definitely have to be careful if you're trying to readjust once you stick it on the wall because I ended up cracking one of my numbers because I didn't remove it properly. Otherwise amazing addition to our home for an awesome price. 5 STARS hands down"


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    Choosing poorly selected wall decor can create a negative impression as well as impact physical and mental wellness. Large spaces in a home are not always easy to decorate or to achieve on a budget.  Knowing how select the appropriate wall decor to pull a room together and not break the bank in the process can be challenging and stressful.

    TimeWise™ is a classic clock that is the perfect home decor for that space that may be a struggle spot that needs a special touch.  This easy-to-install, stick-on design clock works with many styles and is the silent addition wall piece that is needed to give the space the finishing touch. It is important to be surrounded by things that are beautiful and that create a space that is warm and inviting


    ✅  BEAUTIFUL VARIETIES: TimeWise™ is a modern 3D frameless wall clock that comes in a variety of colors.  With many variations, this wall clock is the perfect solution for different styles, rooms, and locations. 

    EASY TO ASSEMBLE:  TimeWise™ is a DIY home decor project that is easy to assemble.  Simple installation to have a beautiful timepiece that will hang on a wall for many years of use and enjoyment.

    PERFECT GIFT:  This unique 3D frameless wall clock makes the perfect gift.  This unique gift is the perfect addition for a game room, a birthday gift, or a business grand opening.

    PRECISE SILENT MOVEMENT:  TimeWise™ is powered by AA batteries which reduce energy consumption. The silent movement of the arms makes this appropriate for any and all rooms.


    QUALITY & DURABLE:  TimeWise™ 3D clock is made of eco-friendly EVA foam and acrylic, which is sturdy and safe.  This durable foam is easy to install and remove and the aluminum hands make it easy to read accurate time.

    We understand everyone wants to have a home that looks like it has been decorated by an interior designer. It can be frustrating to know how to decorate and what is the perfect thing to hang on your walls. Certain studies have shown that decorating can calm anxieties and nurture one’s mental well-being; if you interpret your space to be relaxing and calm, your body can release certain hormones that can actually reduce anxiety.

    TimeWise™ the 3D frameless clock, is easy to assemble and works with all decors and in a variety of rooms and locations. A wall clock is an economical way to improve the decor of multiple rooms and become the focal point of a wall as a decorative element. A beautifully decorated home is proven to have a positive effect on your mood, add this timepiece to your home to represent your classic style and decorative taste.





    1 x Wall Clock
    *Requires 1 x AA Battery NOT INCLUDED

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