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    SmartHealth™ - Laser Therapy Health Monitoring Smartwatch


    "I am a medical professional and I checked my pulse, blood pressure and SpO2 in order to compare it with this watch - the results were very similar, which is good enough for me. Overall, I absolutely love my watch. I highly recommend this watch!"

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    Tracking daily activities and monitoring health is crucial to achieving control and living a healthy lifestyle. Setting goals and monitoring health can be challenging in today's busy world. Lifelong consequences occur from inactivity and poor health monitoring, leading to unhappiness, depression, and unfortunately shortened lifespan.  

    SmartHealth™ monitors vital signs as well as tracks physical activity, keeping health on track. Therapeutic laser-assisted therapy technique is used to monitor temperature, blood oxygen, blood pressure, & respiratory rate. Digitized wearable technology easily tracks physical activity and cultivates a healthier lifestyle.





    24 HOUR HEART RATE MONITORING: SmartHealth™ has built-in precision heart rate monitoring molecule, with professional algorithms, and real-time viewing. Have the confidence that comes with tracking heart rate 24/7, which can provide changes in routine patterns. 

    BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORING: SmartHealth™ watch has a professional-grade bio-sensing chip which makes blood pressure measurement more accurate.  Monitoring blood pressure on a daily basis provides peace of mind and also can detect if readings are not in the normal range. 

    THERMOMETER: SmartHealt™ is a thermometer on the wrist providing real-time body temperature measurement 24/7. Abnormal body temperatures can be a warning of an abnormal process occurring in the body or an unwanted infection that can be an indicator of a more serious illness.

    MULTIPLE SPORT MODES: Built-in precision gravity sensor allows SmartHealth™ to accurately record daily walking steps, mileage, calories, and other data. With so many options it provides a user friendly way to track workouts while making them become more enjoyable.

    TRACK LIFE MOMENTS: After connecting SmartHealth™ to a smartphone via the app, it can show incoming calls, support SMS, WeChat, etc. Having everything from daily reminders, sleep patterns, and health monitoring this device simplifies life and provides peace of mind.


    We understand keeping track of health and fitness goals can be difficult. Detecting irregular heart rate readings or high blood pressure could prevent a more serious issue down the road. According to the CDC, about one in six, or 11 million US adults with hypertension are not aware that they have it and are not being treated and more than 75% of Americans aren’t getting enough exercise.

    Thankfully, HealthSmart™ can play an important role in providing an efficient way to monitor health & fitness. This smartwatch does more than display the time & track steps, it monitors vitals and delivers peace of mind that daily fitness & health goals are being met. Begin and end each day with confidence knowing that health is being monitored while physical activity is being encouraged and tracked.




    Case Material: Alloy
    Battery Capacity: 180-220mAh

    RAM: <128MB

    Display Size: 1.7” high def full touch screen



    1 x SmartHealth™ Watch
    1 x Watch Band
    1 x Battery Charger

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