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    SafetyStick™ - Tactical Walking Cane

    “An actual tactical walking stick! The stick is solid and built well with multiple add-ons. I have seen many other sticks online (and purchased some) with similar names. You can depend on this tactical stick with sturdy, strong construction designed to last under difficult conditions. The knives and other accessories are impressive and securely attached to the tubes to be used for various needs and the whole thing breaks down to be stored in a handy pouch and carried in your backpack, car, trailer, etc., or stored away. The stick can be adjusted to your height or needs simply by removing or reordering the tubes. No regrets about getting this one!

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    Wild animals, rough terrains, and bad weather can pose challenges while hiking, camping or taking a leisure walk.  There are known and unknown factors while participating in adventurous outdoor activities that present potentially dangerous situations.  Feeling unsafe or unprotected can bring hesitation and possibly prohibit seeking future outdoor ventures.

    While on the trail, The SafetyStick™ can provide balance, function, and protection with this tactical walking cane. Multiple aluminum pieces screw together to form the trekking stick with tools & blades that can be used for survival and protection.  Now hike the mountains with confidence knowing all areas are covered from needing a screw driver, a can opener or a sharp object to spear a fish. 




    MULTI-FUNCTIONAL:  The SafetyStick™ - Tactical Cane has several functions.  The stick provides assistance in walking, but quickly can turn into a rod, knife, glass breaker, saw, can opener, screwdriver, spear for fishing or protection & more. 

    COMPACT SIZE:  The SafetyStick™ comes in smaller pieces that screw together to make the walking stick/cane or other functional pieces.  Unlike traditional wooden hiking sticks, this can easily be tucked away in the tactical canvas waist bag when not in use. 

    DURABLE & STURDY:  The SafetyStick™ is made of a strong, durable aluminum alloy material.  The tactical multifunctional walking stick/cane will withstand trekking in rough terrain and all weather conditions.

    IMPROVES BALANCE:  The use of walking sticks improves balance.  In addition to enhancing stability and balance, the SafetyStick™ will also lend to longer endurance and safer experience.

    FOR EVERYONE & MULTIPLE ACTIVITIES:  SafetyStick™ is beneficial to the obvious outdoor adventure seeker, but can be a positive sense of security for others, as well.  The biker, neighborhood walker, and car gadget when extra tools are needed. 



    1. WALKING STICK: remove the aluminum alloy tubes and screw them together.
    2. TOOLS:  Hidden within the tubes, unscrew the specific tube containing the tool and then screw that tool on the end of the tube.   

    We understand, even the most adventurous outdoorsman finds themselves in uncomfortable situations where they need some extra protection, tools and always benefit from a sturdy walking stick.  However, lugging a heavy wooden walking stick and all the tools you may need for a hike or an overnight camping trip can be impossible to pack.  Studies show that hiking injuries and deaths occur as a result of a lack of proper equipment.

    Thankfully, with the SafetyStick™ plan on a long trek in the woods, an overnight camping trip, or just a walk in the park with confidence, knowing you are going out on your adventure well-prepared for whatever comes your way.  This offers you a durable stick that functions as several tools, survival necessities, and self-defense. This prominent stick provides safety & survival benefits while improving balance, & reducing pain.



    Material: Aluminum Alloy

    Color: Grey Gun



    8 x Tubes

    Tools: saw/knife/bottle opener/screwdriver/compass/Retention rope/ whistle/hammer

    Carrying Bag


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