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    IQFeeder™ - Dog Food/Treat Puzzle

    "I have a 30 pound miniature husky and she absolutely loves this toy! It’s very sturdy and durable. I put her breakfast in the ball and it takes her about 15 to 20 minutes to get everything out which gives me enough time to eat my breakfast and set up for work in the morning. My dog is pretty brutal with this toy, knocking it against the wall and into furniture. She loves the sound that the ball makes and this has fast become one of her favorite interactive toys. I took a video but need to edit it down. I will post it later."


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    It is common for dogs to get excited when it is mealtime and eat their food, resulting in many adverse effects. Consuming food too quickly can cause choking, gagging, and create digestive problems, some that are simply uncomfortable while other digestive problems may be serious. In addition to causing unneeded expenses, overeating and fast eating can make dogs which can also create uneasiness for those around the pet.

    The IQFeeder™ is an interactive pet feeder that provides health and mental benefits for pets, with several sliders and lids. With this unique design and multiple challenges, this food puzzle prevents fast eating, decreases overeating, and encourages mental stimulation,which can provide hours of entertainment. By nature a dog has a desire to “hunt” for food, sniffing and searching through the food puzzle this fills that void while also developing better habits of slower eating.  




    ✅ SLOW DOWN FEEDING: The IQFeeder™ can slow down pets' eating by placing food and treats in the food puzzle. These provide numerous health benefits, including reducing the risk of bloat because slow eating results in less air swallowed causing less chance of bloating.

    ✅ ENCOURAGE MENTAL STIMULATION: Food puzzles can help keep the brain of pets active and working. As with memory training for humans, the IQFeeder™ helps your pet's brain remain sharp by encouraging problem-solving.

    ✅ REDUCE SEPERATION ANXIETY: The mental stimulation offered by the IQFeeder™ helps to reduce boredom and reduce destructive behaviors like digging, chewing, and barking. Feeding puzzles occupy and tire out pets which prevents alternative activities that may lead to destruction.

    DURABLE, SAFE & EASY TO CLEAN: The IQFeeder™ is made of food-grade material and easy to clean by hand. The durable structure of this puzzle, along with the bottom non-slip pad design makes for the perfect feeder for a variety of dog breeds to use daily.

    MAINTAIN HEALTHY WEIGHT: Animals that consume flood slowly are more likely to be satisfied sooner, which helps to prevent overeating. Keeping pets at a healthy weight lowers the risk of several health issues and can also reduce the risk of injury to bones, joints, and muscles. 



    Turn the transparent granary cover counterclockwise and open it upwards, and you can add dog food or snacks directly to the granary. Fasten the transparent granary cover down to the granary and turn it clockwise to tighten it for use by dogs.

    The IQFeeder™ has 6 flip lids, 2 sliding lids.  The pets will use their paw to press down the transparent lid for food to fall, then they will find their food by sliding or lifting the lids. 


    We understand that dogs are family members and avoiding preventable illness to a family pet is every pet owner’s desire. The experience of presenting your pet with food and watching them "woof" it down, only to become sick from lack of digestion, leaves both of you miserable. According to an article by PetPedia, 30% of all dogs in the US are obese; overfeeding and lack of physical activity are the main causes of pet obesity.

    Thankfully with the IQFeeder™, pet owners can combat pet obesity while improving their pet's intelligence. The puzzle creates a challenge for your dog to find its food, slowing the eating process and stimulating its cognitive reasoning abilities. Pets' physical and mental health can be improved by encouraging an active environment, allowing your dog to instinctively "hunt" for food, and slowing the consumption rate. Happy pets make happy owners.



    Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 10.8cm / 10.23 x 10.23 x 4.25in 1.61 Pounds
    Material:    ABS + PC



    1 x Puzzle Push Feeder


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