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    BusyBook™ - Montessori Toy


    “I bought this for my 8-month-old grandson, and it is fascinating to see his little hands play with all the fun designs! There are many pages that all have different things. I love helping him learn about the world around him, and I'm happy with this book.”

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - Dorothy M. 
     ✅ Verified Buyer 

    Young children require a lot of care and attention and it can be difficult to entertain them for long periods, especially when trying to avoid excessive screen time on TV or tablets. This is known to cause negative effects, such as an increase in frustration and temper tantrums. Children's minds are constantly developing, and it is crucial to nourish their minds with healthy activities. 

    Introducing BusyBook™, a soft playbook that is designed to provide both fun and learning for young children. This unique book offers a variety of independent activities that require cognitive thinking and help exercise fundamental motor skills. The velcro design makes this toy interactive and entertaining, and it is a wonderful Montessori toy that also is sensory-approved. 

    Reasons You’ll Love BusyBook™

    ✅ Educational Toy: Using BusyBook™ and intuitively adjusting the velcro scenescan help improve fine motor skills and cognitive thinking, which can lead to a higher IQ. Healthily build strong development skills at a young age! 

    ✅ Parent-Bonding Activity: Teaching babies is effortless with BusyBook™ as the concept is simple yet effective for playing and learning together. This playbook is designed to help lead creative thinking in the comfort of home. 

    ✅ Travel Friendly: BusyBook™ is a lightweight Montessori toy that can be traveled with as the pieces all stay together. It is excellent for on-the-go play, and perfect for car rides, restaurants, and more to keep children entertained!

    ✅ Sensory Safe: This playbook is interactive with many textures and soft velcro attachments that can work to balance the sensory system to help relieve stress. Children with autism and other PDD conditions can play and learn with BusyBook™.


    We understand that parenting is not easy, and always trying to entertain our kids is challenging when life is busy, especially when trying to avoid excessive screen time. Not knowing if your baby is learning enough as they play can feel worrisome. Finding suitable toys for our children to play with is an important step for their development, but it can seem overwhelming with all the options available today. 

    Thankfully,BusyBook™ is a fun and interactive playbook that offers many pages of creative play with soft, velcro materials! Stimulate the imagination of kids with these unique designs and exercise fundamental development skills such as fine motor skills, color coordination, and more! The travel-friendly design makes BusyBook™portable for any occasion where kids can play and learn at the same time! 

    Product Specifications: 

    Level: Montessori
    Age: Preschool (0-4yrs)
    Pages: 7

    Package Includes:

    1 x BusyBook™ Playbook with Accessories 


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