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    BlissBand™ - electric migraine/headache relief wrap


    "This massager is a lifesaver! I'm a life long migraine sufferer. But I suffer from Intractable Hemiplegic Status Migrainosous migraines. This is definitely a game changer. I haven't found a medication yet of any brand to alleviate my daily pain. This miracle device does just that. And I can use it anywhere. It's so comfortable to use while lying down also. I own several different massaging devices because of my very rare and severe migraines but this one is by far my favorite. It has definitely changed my life. Absolutely Amazing!!!!"

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jodie H.
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    Suffering from migraines, and stress-induced headaches can be debilitating to the body and stand in the way of work and other daily activities. Severe headaches and migraine attacks will halt a productive work day or put a damper on upcoming plans and social events. Experiencing physical discomfort, as a result of pain, from a headache or migraine attack will leave the day miserable, disrupting work, sleep, and daily activities.

    Introducing, BlissBand™, a headband wrap that provides migraine/headache relief from minor onset headaches to severe full-blown migraine attacks. This specially designed headband delivers air pressure, stimulating acupuncture points on the head, imitating the human body acupressure massage technique. Invest in a natural remedy to conquer migraine/headache relief while experiencing the joys of life with minimal headaches.




    AIR PRESSURE:  BlissBand™ stimulates acupuncture points on the head through a full range of airbag pressing and constant temperature heating. Imitate the human body acupressure massage technique to promote relaxation, help sleep, & reduce headaches & migraines.

    MULTIPLE MODES:  This features 3 selectable modes - lifting, relaxation, and caring along with a timer and remote to control each of these modes. Each mode is catered to a specific need or concern, BlissBand™ can target the specific need by selecting 1 of 3 modes according to preference. 


    LIFT FACIAL LINES:  BlissBand™
    simulates the head massage technique in the beauty salon and reproduces the massage technique covering the entire head. The wrap will grab and press the scalp in an upward motion, allowing a lift to the facial lines while receiving a relaxing head massage. 

    ✅ WARM COMPRESS:  BlissBand™ heats at a constant temperature providing warmth like a hot towel around the head. Heating while enjoying a head massage will stimulate the capillaries on the scalp, and promote blood circulation which stimulates hair growth and relieves tension.

    RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: BlissBand™ comes with a
    built-in 4000mAh high-density rechargeable battery. This battery provides a wireless experience & creates an “on the go” massager, perfect at home, office, and car, but most preferred, in the bed right before sleep for relaxation.




    We understand that giving into the traditional ways of medication to relieve pain associated with migraines and headaches can create undesirable outcomes. Grasping for solutions like medications, ice/heat packs, and hot showers, to no avail can be frustrating. A recent study shows that migraines rank as the third most prevalent illness in the world and Mayo Clinic suggests acupuncture & head massage as alternative treatments for migraine attacks.

    Thankfully, BandBliss™ is the instant relief for chronic migraine and headache sufferers with the heated air pressure massaging headband. The large band, with adjustable velcro closure, covers most of the head allowing the soft airbag to simulate fingertip kneading, alleviating tension and soothing headaches. Rest assured in the newfound confidence of pain relief from pesky headaches to full-blown migraine attacks, without always turning to medication.



    Heating Temperature: Below 50 ℃
    Fabric: Eco-Friendly Velvet
    Weight: 1 kg
    Packing Size: 25 x 15 x 10 cm
    Charging Method: USB, Equipped with Power Adapter.


    1 x Head Massager
    1 x Instruction Manual
    1 x Charger

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