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    BearBeanie™ - Winter Accessory


    “My daughter loves this teddy bear beanie! She never takes it off, so I know it won’t get lost at school. The material is very soft, and it keeps her very warm as it is a hat, scarf, and mask in one. Definitely recommend it!” 

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  - Helen D. 
     ✅ Verified Buyer 

    Winter months get cold and it is important to bundle up, however, sometimes young children struggle to wear layers of clothing. Between accidentally dropping winter accessories like hats and scarves, to refusing to wear them, it can be a challenge to keep kids warm. The cold weather can potentially damage skin and lead to painful frostbite. 

    Introducing BearBeanie™, a cute and cozy balaclava that works as a hat, scarf, and mask in one for the ultimate warmth and comfort this winter season! Children will love their new outerwear accessory and this can make for stress-free mornings out the door. Have peace of mind knowing kids will be safe and stay protected from the cold weather. 

    Reasons You’ll Love BearBeanie™

    ✅ Adorable Design: Every child and adult alike can’t deny the cuteness of a teddy bear. This plush balaclava is shaped to resemble the innocence and playfulness of a teddy bear, making those who wear it increase their confidence and feel extra adorable! 

    ✅ Soft Texture: BearBeanie™ is specially composed of soft cotton and polyester for the perfect blend of coziness and warmth. This teddy-inspired balaclava feels like a comforting blanket that gently hugs the entire face, making it ideal for sensitive skin types. 

    Ultimate Warmth: BearBeanie
    ™ offers a jaw-sting feature that helps to comfortably fit the child's face and prevent any exposed skin in colder climates. Effortlessly protect against the cold, and wear this balaclava for all outdoor activities like tobogganing, skating, and more! 

    ✅ Trend Set: Start a new trend with this adorable and creative balaclava that everyone will be asking for! For style and fashion, this teddy bear hat, scarf, and mask in one are sure to be remembered and loved by children. 


    We understand that with winter comes cold, windy days that make it unfavorable to be outdoors. It is important for our kids to stay warm, but sometimes it can be a challenge to keep them wearing their hats and scarves as they easily get lost. Glen Allen Pediatrics notes that children are vulnerable to lower immune systems, which can increase the odds of catching a virus when they are underdressed for the cold.  

    Thankfully, BearBeanie™ is a 3-in-1 solution to keep your children warm and cozy all winter season long! Not only does the teddy-bear-inspired design look adorable, but the jaw-string feature and soft materials cover the entire face for less exposed skin in the cold. Start a new trend, and make dressing children easier this winter withBearBeanie™!

    Product Specifications:

    Materials: Cotton, Polyester
    Color(s): White, Beige, Brown
    Package Includes: 

    1 x BearBeanie™ Belaclava 


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