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    Baby&Me™- Multi Functional Carrier


    I’m happy I bought this! My grandson is 2, and I am now taking care of him full time. He is a cuddle bug. Loves to be with me all day, watching what I’m doing. I wish I had purchased 4 months ago! Back pain, hip pain, arm pain. Definitely reduced!

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    While parenting, it seems impossible to bond with the baby and complete the day's demanding chores.  There are certain challenges associated with parenting, such as managing daily tasks while maintaining those special connections. The anxieties of caring for a baby paired with the never-ending responsibilities of everyday life create feelings of stress, guilt, and great fatigue.

    Baby&Me™, is a hands-free multi-functional baby carrier that provides a way to complete daily responsibilities while carrying a baby or toddler.  The hands-free carrier may be worn and adjusted to carry a baby in several distinct positions, relieving pressure on the back. The carrier creates a happier environment by providing a simpler way to complete everyday chores and bond with the baby!


    ✅ SOLUTION TO MULTI-TASKING: Placing the baby in one of the many positions of the the Baby&Me™ carrier gives the freedom of hands while keeping the baby close to the body.  This allows for the art of mastering multi-tasking while keeping the baby the priority.  

    ✅ COGNITIVE/SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: By utilizing the Baby&Me™, babies canbe socially engaged in conversations and explore their surroundings. Being absorbed in such close proximity helps develop strong language skills.


    ✅ SHOCK ABSORPTION SEAT: The 15MM thick buffer cushion is like a soft supporting sofa for the baby's buttocks area. This safe cushioned area for the baby to sit assures the utmost comfort for the baby and allows for peace of mind.

    ✅ CLOSE CONTACTHolding a baby close to the body is a reminder of when they were in the womb, hearing their mother’s heartbeat.  The use of Baby&Me™, will assist in becoming in tune with the baby's hunger and comfort cues, benefiting their health and well-being

    ✅ VERSATILE: Baby&Me™ is perfect for beach days, hikes, or just a busy day of errands. With multiple options for positioning, the baby is bound to love the view, and the carrier is much easier to maneuver, pack, and transport than a stroller.

    ✅ SCRATCH PREVENTION & PADDED LEGS: The zippers have protective covers, and the leg openings are protected with pads. Zippers have a covering to keep them from scratching the baby’s delicate skin, and padding provides extra comfort for the baby’s legs.

    We understand that new parents struggle to balance everyday tasks and caring for their babies.  Parents are concerned if they are spending enough time with their baby, and if their home is running smoothly.  In an August 2019 report, full-time working mothers spend approximately 21 hours each week doing housework, contributing to their feeling that their babies and toddlers don't receive enough quality time. 

    Baby&Me™ multi-functional carrier is the perfect solution for effective multi-tasking while continuing to provide full attention to your baby.  While holding your baby, you can complete your daily tasks, go for a walk with an older child, read a book, or eat lunch, all while your baby feels protected and safe. Multi-tasking has never been so easy! Get ready to become present and productive with Baby&Me™!  


    Material: Polyester

    Age: 0-36 Months

    Waist: 47.244 Inches

    Bearing Weight: <79 Pounds


    1 x Carrier

    1 x Hip Seat

    *these can be used separately or placed together for a complete Baby and Me

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