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    JointEaze™ - Knee Massager

    “This massager has changed my life. I have had arthritis in my knee for 3 years now, and this device has finally given me ease of pain. It is easy to use, feels amazing, and I can’t recommend it enough.” 

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Hank W. 
    Verified Buyer

    Many people, unfortunately, suffer from knee issues, whether it be from injuries such as dislocations or fractures, or chronic diseases such as arthritis. These pains can be extremely tough to deal with and impact the quality of life in a person by limiting mobility. Physiotherapist treatments can help, but can be time-consuming and an expensive alternative.

    Introducing JointEaze, a smart knee massager that combines cutting-edge technology ofinfrared light and laser irradiation to promote a soothing treatment. With three levels of heat and vibration, this device improves blood circulation while also releasing tension in muscle fascia for faster recovery. Feel the comfortable ease of using JointEaze™, your knees will thank you! 

    Reasons You’ll Love JointEaze 

    ✅ Laser Therapy: JointEaze™ uses the advanced technology of laser irradiation to deeply massage the knee and release built-up pressure. Ease pain by stimulating nerves and increasing blood flow to promote accelerated healing

     Anti-Inflammatory: The far infrared heat setting uses high-frequency vibrations that create a soothing hot compression to the affected area. This can aid in the reduction of swelling and support the relaxation of the muscles and joints. 

    Smart LED Touch Screen: Treating knee troubles with JointEaze
    ™  is auser-friendly experience, as it is equipped with a large LED touch screen. Effortlessly customize every treatment and adjust the settings with the touch of a screen.

    ✅ Wireless Design: The rechargeable function of JointEaze™ makes this massager portable and perfect for traveling with. Comfortably wear this massager around the house while still doing other tasks, or relax stress-free with no wires or outlets.

    We understand that troublesome knee issues can be uncomfortable, painful, and disheartening to deal with on a regular basis. It can feel debilitating to have discomfort that may last for days, weeks, or even a lifetime. According to World Health Statistics, one out of every four adult people suffers from chronic knee pain.

    Thankfully, JointEaze™ is an advanced smart knee massager that uses the benefits of laser therapy and infrared heat to fight against inflammation and chronic pain. With customizable treatments at the touch of a screen, this device is great for any level of symptoms. Feel the alleviating effects of massage therapy in the comfort of your home and start recovery today. 

    Product Specifications:

    Rated Voltage:3.7V
    Input Current: DC 5V=2A
    Battery Capacity:3000mAh
    Charging Time:3-4 Hrs
    Continuous Working Time:1-2 Hrs

    Package Includes:

    1 x JointEaze
    1 x USB Cord
    1 x User Manual


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