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    Did not expect this kind of coverage and brightness. I've had, and have many star projectors and thought these types were more novel and for little kids. NOPE, they are more powerful and have better area coverage than the large bulky round ones. I've gotten 2 more since my first one and plan on gifting these little spacemen for the holidays.

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    A clear night with a starry sky can calm an anxious mood and prepare one for a restful night's sleep.  However, many people, especially those living in urban environments, do not have access to any real-world views of the night sky, especially small children when it is time for bed.  The ASTRONAUT GALAXY PROJECTOR comes to the rescue.

    The colorful light combinations and patterns of the ASTRONAUT GALAXY PROJECTOR™ are often helpful for those who struggle to fall asleep or feel calm.  The blue and green colors of stars and nebulae in galaxy projectors are correlated with mood improvements.  The red colors in galaxy projectors are also correlated with sleep.  For others, it's simply relaxing and calming to mimic the serene experience of staring at the night sky.   

    Why folk are loving the new and improved ASTRONAUT GALAXY PROJECTOR

    SLEEP AID: For the little ones, turn bedtime into a stargazing experience.  They will be mesmerized by the light show and will drift to sleepy town without even realizing it.    

     ✅MULTI-USE: The ASTRONAUT GALAXY PROJECTOR is perfect in the bedroom as a sleep aid for all ages, convert your living room into a place of peaceand tranquility, jazz up a game room or playroom, give that nighttime “drive-in” effect to movie night and the list goes on.

    EDUCATIONAL ENLIGHTENMENT:The ASTRONAUT GALAXY PROJECTOR  can also stimulatechildren's curiosity, imagination, and creativity. Many young children have a natural curiosity about astronauts, space science, and our solar system.  The ASTRONAUT GALAXY PROJECTOR is a great way to create curiosity and encourage expanding their knowledgeof these cosmic wonders.

    MULTIPLE GALAXY EFFECTS: THE ASTRONAUT GALAXY PROJECTOR brings excitement and fun to every environment. With seven galaxy-changing effects, as well as multiple twinkling green stars there is always movement and change taking place. 

    REMOTE CONTROL: THE ASTRONAUT GALAXY PROJECTOR can be controlled by the remote and has endlesscontrols.  Adjust the brightness, change the light mode, and the speed and brightness of the nebula effects are also adjustable.

    GIFT FOR EVERY OCCASION: THE ASTRONAUT GALAXY PROJECTOR makes the best Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthday, Easter, Valentine's Day gift. Can be used at weddings, parties, middle and high school dances, showers, and backdrop effects for online webinars, YouTube videos, and influencer videos. 


    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) estimates that 15% to 25% of kids and teens struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep regularly.  We understand how concerning this can be to adults.  Are they getting enough sleep if they are struggling to fall asleep?  It can also be frustrating when they continue to get out of bed from the boredom of not being able to drift on to sleep.  

    With the help ofTHE ASTRONAUT GALAXY PROJECTOR, that combines visions of starry night skies and nebula clouds for an intergalactic feel.  Thankfully this creates an ambiance that helps to calm and relax the mind and body, which allows for faster times of drifting off to sleep.  With the convenient remote control, the device can easily be shut off from across the room silently carefully so as not to awaken anyone. 



    Height 4.921 Inches

    Width: 3.346 Inches


    1 x Astronaut Projection Lamp

    1 x Power Cable

    1 x Manual

    1 x Remote Control (batteries not included)



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